Young Men Dying Due to Gun Violence

         How many young men are we going to lose to gun violence?  It seems like we hear something about our youth dying to gun violence especially our young men.  Now I am not just talking about just young black men, I’m talking about ALL of our young men, Black, White, Latino, etc.  Michael Brown 18, Trayvon Martin 17, and Keith Passmore, and Tamir Rice both 12.  We all know the story of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and it is sad how both young men could leave a convenience store and not make it home just because of the way they look.  Keith Passmore was shot and killed Saturday in Savannah, GA while at a party with roughly 30 people in attendance.  Passmore a 12yr old white male shot and killed for no reason and no one at the party has come forward with any information.  Police are asking anyone who may have any information to contact them.  Keith Passmore was a young male that didn’t have to die.  Tamir Rice 12yr old killed in Cleveland by the police.  Rice was shot and killed pointing a replica gun at the police.  The replica gun was supposed to have an orange safety tip in it and the police said that the safety tip was removed.  Tamir Rice shot Saturday night and died Sunday morning at the hospital.  Why did this young man have to die?  Could the police have used a taser gun his father asked?  If you think about judging any of these young men, well don’t.  Now we have lost two young men on the same day for no reason, why.  Maybe God has a better plan for these young men.  Did you know that more than of our youth get injured or killed by gun violence in a year span?  Is this because guns are easy to access or does someone think that it is cool to have a gun.  Are guns becoming a must-have like a cellphone or car?  It makes me sick to hear about children dying to gun violence. Yes, a child.  How many more of our youth are we going to lose this year?  How many more of our youth are we going to lose before they have a chance to live?  Let us ALL end gun violence for a better world.  My thought and prayers go out to all the families who lost a child before he or she gets to live.